Round Back Antiques was launched by my husband and I in 2012 to showcase the furniture that we have lovingly collected, refinished, and restored over the past 20 years. For many years, we refinished pieces for our personal collection. As we sought a way to share the antiques we love so well with others, we looked for a name that would best capture what it is that we do. That's how Round Back Antiques was born - you can always find us 'round back working!

The furniture  we sell is mostly oak and dates from the 1800s. Our pieces are beautifully refinished using original wood and hardware and have been collected on our travels across the United States. We showcase our collection at Antique Shows and Community Days throughout the Catskill Mountain region and by appointment in Roxbury, NY. 

We are excited to announce that we have opened a store in Roxbury, NY on Main Street.  We will be
open four days a week , Thursday thru Sunday.  Thursday & Friday our hours are 1PM - 5 PM, Saturday
& Sunday 11AM - 5PM.  We will also open any holiday Monday.  If you wish to visit our store and these
times are not convenient call (607) 326-4439 for an appointment.

We hope that you enjoy our collection!